Budget Girl!


I don’t know about you but I’m a budget kind of girl! Whose with me!?

Here are my top tips for traveling on a tidy budget!


Always bring a rucksack with a picnic, you cant afford to be buying patisserie wraps and toasties for every meal! My must have picnic essentials are:

  • Bread, its an obvious winner I opt for a nice baguette or sliced loaf.
  • Olives…need I say more?
  • Tomatoes, they add a nice refreshing palate cleanser and are surprisingly filling.
  • Crisps I mean if you are in Europe you should be stocked up on paprika flavoured crisps anyway and if not, why not!?
  • Biscuits/cakes girl gonna need the energy with all the walking and activities.
  • Fruit, I like peaches and nectarines but they are not the cheapest in Europe, perhaps a nice banana or apple.

If you have facilities where you are staying then heating up soup and flasking it up can be a nice treat after a long hike or climb, that and a good old brew!

Foraging can also be an option but always be careful and make sure you know 100% what you are picking. I found lots of wild mint and nettle in Europe perfect to put in a flask for tea!

Don’t forget to hydrate with plenty of water!



My must have’s for a day trip out:

  • Waterproof/ cagoule- Those ones you can fold up and tuck into their own pocket are revolutionary and it means you wont get caught out and have to wear one of those plastic capes tourists enjoy so much especially in London!
  • Good pair of walking boots or trainers. If I am going for trainers, I always make sure I buy running or multi activity trainers and then coat them in a spray of waterproof.
  • Spare socks, at least 2 pairs just in case you get massively caught out in a storm.
  • Sun cap, I mentioned before that I’m a sunaphobia girl but if you are outside for long periods of time the sun can still get to your face and gradually burn you so I highly recommend investing in a cap!
  • I would be wearing light weight waterproof trousers if I am going on a trek or long distance escapade. I often sling in some leggins for the evening in case it goes cold and I can layer up if needed.
  • Light jumper for layering or fleece dependent on weather conditions.
  • Good pair of sturdy gloves in case you come upon any crafty crags or sharp climbs.

Don’t forget sunscreen people!!



Try not to get too excited by all the new bars, restaurants and activities, choose ones that are most catered to what you like and pick a few per City or Country. When I was in Slovenia I went on 3 excursions which I had saved for on the rest of my trip as I knew I would regret spending the money elsewhere! Look for free tours if you are in Cities and check out all the hiking and walking routes if you are out further into the country.

Treat yourself for sure every now and then and enjoy the changing culture of your destinations. It is great to get a taste of the famous grub or head into a well known haunt that everyone raves about so don’t steal those experiences away from you! Its all about balance!

Walk from place to place if you can, try and hitch hike, use a car sharing app like blah blah car or get together with fellow travelers and share the price of a car. Buses are my favourite mode of transport, I love a good country coach trip. Best apps in Europe I found were Flix Bus and Goeuro: https://www.flixbus.com/, https://www.goeuro.com/ You can also use transport to see the sights so you don’t have to pay extra for sight seeing tour rides. For example there are always great options around for taking in the sites of the country while traveling through. Some great examples of scenic transport routes that I have taken are the train from Huttledorf to Salzburg, the Flåm Line between Myrdal and Flåm in Aurland (bit tourist based) and coaches from Budapest to Vienna and Slovenia to Croatia.

I find sleeping on public transport gives me THE BEST rest possible. I pop on my sleeping mask and I am away! There’s something about sitting up and sleeping that puts me into the deepest slumber and I’m away mouth open and snoring within minutes-the perfect travel companion!



Share a bed where you can if you are with friends, especially if you are using an air b@b and pick a double room then you can split the cost.

If you are in a place for a week or more you can offer your skills or help to work in places for free in exchange for board. A great sight for that is workaway.info, you can plan trips in advance, get free accommodation, help out on a farm or in a hostel and get inside advice on where to travel and what to eat, the hosts are always awesome and accommodating and I think its a great way to travel.

If you are in Norway just pitch your tent up pretty much anywhere for 48 hours! When I went up to the Brekkefossen waterfall a young traveler popped out her tent and bedded down up on the mountain top for the night, dreamy! It can be harder in other countries but check the tent regulations before you travel and you could save a fair buck.

The classic hostel is one of my favourite ways to travel cheap, get yourself into a dorm of 16 and see the savings in your wallet. Its also a cool way to meet new friends and maybe plan travels with others. Hostels are full of adventure explorer types and its great to chat and get ideas on your next stop.


So there we have it! My few little tips on budget traveling based mainly in Europe! Some savvy ways of saving when you are away, let me know what you think and happy traveling!





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