Banana boats and beach days!


As well as trying my best to be a culture vulture I also love nothing more than hanging out in a  holiday hot spot with my pals and being a one stop tourist!

Some things you should know about me if you go on Holiday with me:

Although half Italian I am a weakling in the sun! I scout out the nearest shade, smother myself in sun screen and have 5 bottles of water with me to hydrate. Failing this, I cover myself with anything I can find or seek out public toilets to hide in until the sun drops.


I get too excited too soon and burn all my energy away within a few hours so I have to make sure I get in an afternoon nap and sometimes an early evening nap if possible when going out.


I eat lots of olives LOTS and LOTS of olives, cant stop.

I often look like a tourist, I’m sorry but I let myself go when I am on holiday and Ive no shame. I wear caps, short shorts and a bum bag. Often found WITH MAP LOST.


The beautiful Moraira…


This trip with my pal Molly saw us trapped in a Spanish England, surrounded by beans on toast and English telly. We spent an awesome couple of weeks on a complete family holiday, Grandma and all! Molly had a melt down and I had to hang out with her folks, it was a bloggers delight- don’t you worry I will post a whole page on this soon! My highlight was being told to move out of the way of the TV by her awesome Grandma and also her Uncle taking pictures through the windows of the cars with the flash on. The trip’s ultimate stop was a day trip to Benidorm and the nearby theme park of Terra Mitica. It is going to be a gripping post to come I tell you that!


Cala De Mijas Spain…….


Another classic Holiday was to Cala de Mijas in Spain with my old school pal Shana! Although we have known each other for over 10 years this was our first trip together and a memorable one at that! We went all out, beach days, boat trips and banana boats! One of my most memorable moments was singing along to Taxi with a group of tourists on a fun fueled boat trip. We got up to mischief galore and it has gone down in history as  one to beat for holidays! Again, I will write a separate post with quotes and memories from Shana herself!


Keep on the look out for my future posts dedicated to these awesome holidays!

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