Explore with me!

Hey! Thank you so much for journeying on over to my site! I will be keeping you up to date with my traveling adventures and giving some ideas on destinations and activities. I’m Chrissy, 26 and I have NO IDEA what my life journey entails but I aim to live from now in the present and embrace every little opportunity that comes up. It would be so great to have you with me and get your stories and experiences so we can travel this world together and have the best adventures!


So a little bit about me….

I am a Midlands born girl, raised in the outdoor lands surrounding Leicestershire. I have always enjoyed climbing trees, making plant potions and collecting tadpoles. When I was young I played adventure games in the playground, usually based around me being a secret agent. As I grew I had the sad realisation that perhaps being an undercover spy was not the best direction of career choice. It was around this time that I turned to acting and didn’t look back until around 2 years ago. Acting has been an important part of my life and a definitive one, I would not be where I am without the experiences and the failings that is has brought my way. BUT now, it is time to live on this beautiful planet and use my free time to travel and explore as best I can. I am so excited to share this with you all and hope we can have an awesome adventure together! Thanks so much for following and keeping updated. Lets go start this adventure!


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